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Hi, I'm Trish

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Why I Do What I Do

Vision & Mission

AKA My Lofty Goals

Seafood for the People

It’s my goal to take the fear and fancy out of fish, and make sustainable seafood accessible to all, regardless of location, prior knowledge & skills, and economic station.

Everyone deserves access to healthy, affordable food, and the knowhow to make the most of it. It's my mission to simplify your seafood experience by communicating fish facts, purchasing knowledge, and preparation skills in ways that are engaging, relevant and instantly actionable. And you absolutely do not need to be a pro chef to enjoy a range of delicious, healthy, environmentally enhancing seafood.

why im here

what i do

what led me where i am today

origin - touch on family/upbriging, creativity in fisheries, MUN, scenic route production touring something missing, GOG, coast,

challenge - monger pandemic, questions from customers, ted talks, copywriting,

discovery - did workshops, writing, speaking, bcyfn, grew platform, online and copy reach

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our don't-mess-with values

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Fact Based

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Meeting You Where You're At

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the trish talks fish philosophy

how i serve you now

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what's next?

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