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Reel in your audience with messaging that captures attention,
inspires loyalty, and builds trust.

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As a seafood literacy educator and communicator, I deeply understand the benefits of blue foods and specialize in crafting empowering messaging that inspires consumers to give seafood a permanent seat at the table.

More than ever consumers are as interested in your ‘why’ as your ‘what’. They don't just want your products; the want to know the story, the ethics and the passion behind them. I talk to your audience like real people, with unique challenges, who are looking for the creative solutions that you provide. Whether through evocative messaging for your website and marketing materials, hawk-eye edits that sharpen your stories, or powerful partnerships to amp up the value of the solutions you offer, I will help you meet your goals by telling your brand’s story with relatability, empathy, and authenticity.


When we work together, you’re teaming up with a wordsmith and creative who understands the business of seafood, the passion behind wild fisheries, and the innovation driving modern aquaculture.

With over 15 years of experience in client and customer relationships, a robust background in seafood and fisheries shore support, and a lifetime of wielding words for good (with some intensive training from marketing industry experts) I’ll create messaging and content for your brand that speaks to the right people and helps you achieve your business goals. My process provides an easy to navigate map for our projects, creating more space for connecting with your audience to inspiring the shift that makes them sea food differently.

Work With Me: About

How I Help

Copywriting & Messaging

Crafting words with empathy, authority, and impact.

Actions speak louder than words, BUT words inspire the action. By aligning with your brand’s values and voice, understanding your customer avatars, and diligent market research, I produce engaging copy to deepen your messaging and move your audience to action.

Projects include copywriting and fine-tuned copy editing for websites, emails, newsletters, video scripts, sales pages and funnels, social media captions, product descriptions, and print media.

Brand Voice Consultation & Guidance

Sharpening your brand's clarity, consistency, and tone into a voice that rises above the rest.

Your audience isn't just looking at your product; they're listening to your story. When your voice rings with consistency across all platforms, you build trust that keeps your customers coming back again and again.
As a trained brand voice specialist, I'll help you get crystal clear on the personality of your brand, and create a guide to help you deliver it authentically that anyone on your team can swear by.

Speaking & In-Person Engagements

Have voice, will travel.

Education is the first step to creating a population of informed, empowered decision makers.
I offer engaging, education based presentations to broad variety of audiences on a range of topics such as:
-Seafood literacy, messaging, and delivery
-Awareness, accessibility and perception of blue foods
-Fisheries history, folklore in sea psychology, and the intersection of sea harvesting and creative expression
I will work with your planning team and guidelines to create a presentation that is aligned with your event's key intentions, and provides audience members with actionable, and shareable, takeaways.

Virtual Collaborations & Content Creation

Greater the Reach, Greater the Impact

Team up with me to bring a fresh, real-talk perspective to your seafood, fisheries, or aquaculture brand’s online presence. Loaded with empowering takeaways and infused with humour, I deliver tailored social content to present your brand as an accessible and engaging experience for your audience.
Whether for product promotions, on-site content creation or a collaborative approach to seafood education, I'll work with you and your team to create a bespoke package that reflects your brands needs and goals, highlights your key values, and shows off the best of the benefits you provide to your customers.

Work With Me: Services

Lets Get Started

This will be fun! For all opportunities, please contact me at HERE or fill in the form below. I’ll follow up you within 3 business days to answer any questions and schedule our first call.

Full copywriting portfolio available upon request.

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