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"Never take lessons from someone who has stopped learning"

My Course Load

Oyster Master Guild - Level 1, Oyster Appreciation Fundamentals

Locking down the industry standards of oyster appreciation, stewardship, and the mastering the language to communicate with oyser consumers and clients. Course created and delivered by oyster experts Julie Qiu and Patrick McMurray.

Look Legit Website Toolkit - The Copy Posse

Sharpening my skils with this mini course to write websites that speak with authority, inspire trust & empower audiences to action.

Brand Voice Challenge - The Copy Posse

Honing the art of crafting a spellbinding brand voice that is crystal clear on who you are, what you do, and helps your message soar above the noise.

Launch Files - The Copy Posse

Mastering the science of modern copywriting techniques and formulas fused with with the art of connective storytelling to create captivating sales pages, funnels and campaigns.

Copywriting Foundations & Core Training - The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

The building blocks of market research, customer understanding, and writing strong, empathetic and engaging copy for a variety of digital and print mediums.


Trish truly has a relentless commitment to bringing people accessible education and information in regards to seafood. The care she takes in what she does is an invaluable asset to the food and fishing community of British Columbia. 
She does the research, takes the time to listen and in turn bring forward so much valuable information to the public.

Katie Budd - West Coasts Operations, Fisherman's Market

Trish is a firework in every sense of the word. Her intellect, passion, and experience in the seafood industry is only rivaled by her pure heart to help the people within it. Trish not only has a great ideas to “lift all boats,” she actually puts her ideas into action. We are so fortunate to have Trish as an advocate for our community and we can’t wait to see how she will further help change our worlds.”

Megan Waldrep, writer and community founder of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen.

Working with Trish was ideal for a true coastal experience for our group of 14 sommeliers! Her local expertise was perfect to find the ideal beach to set up with freshly shucked oysters and mussels cooked on a beach fire. She worked within our budget, was very welcoming and professional and went above and beyond for us. Can't wait to book with Trish again!

Maude Renaud-Brisson, This is Wine School



In Action: Welcome
In Action: Services


The Oyster Ninja Podcast - From Fishmonger to Seafood Educator

The Conch Podcast - How to Empower People through Seafood Literacy

Partners of Commercial Fishermen Podcast - Fish Guts, Feels and Fortitude: POCFs throughout History

Martha Stewart Living Online The Right Way to Clean and Prepare a Fish for Cooking

Coastal Vibe Magazine - An Unconventional Meeting

VIU Center For Seafood Innovation - The Hook : How to Turn Storytelling into the Seafood Industry's Greatest Superpower

BC Young Fishermen's Network - Annual Gathering MC & Coordinator

Sunshine Coast Food Security Alliance - Blue Foods Representative

BC Seafood Festival - Presenter, Shucking Competitor 

Steveston Spot Prawn & Seafood Festival - Hot Summer, Cold Fish (Culinary Stage Presenter)

BC Spot Prawn Fest - Presenter

This is Wine School - Coastal Shellfish Welcome Feast Host

photo : Laurence Rooney



One Straw Society - BC Seafood 101 Talk

Trish Talks Fish Summer Seafood Workshop Series

              -BC Fish Talk and Tasting

              -Whole Fish Filleting

              -Seacuterie Crafting

Trish Talks Fish Winter Seafood Workshop Series

              -Black Cod Butchery, Whole Fish Filleting Workshop

              -Shuck, Sip & Savor, Oyster Pairing Workshop

              - Yule Gravlax & Glögg, Scandinavian Seafood Experience

The Fishermen’s Market Dockside Seafood Sales

              -Seafood Sales Boat Manager

Gibsons Landing Harbour Authority - Transition Project Coordinator

Trish Talks - Copywriter & Brand Voice Strategist

photo : Hannah Fiegenbaum


The Fishermen’s Market – Lead Fishmonger

Trish Talks - Copywriter & Brand Voice Strategist

Hopps & Vines Design – Copywriter, Project Coordinator

The Sunshine Coast Palate Magazine – Back in the Kitchen: The Pandemic and Our Perception of Food (Author)

One Straw Society X Rogue Fest – Waste NOT! Food Security Skills Workshop

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Fisheries Museum & National Historic Site - Event Producer



Gulf of Georgia Cannery Fisheries Museum & National Historic Site - Event Producer

              -The Haunted Sea

              -Cannery Farmers Market

              -Welcoming the Sun: National Indigenous Peoples Day

              -The Pull of the Net: Multicultural Fisheries Exhibition

              -Site Specific Legacy Projects Coordinator

Sprouting Chefs – Food Literacy Educator (7yr-12yr)

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